people more a days going being selfishness!

hello again people out there :)
i'm back again to write something in my mind ...yeahahah!
sorry for my language if there's a mistaken about typing or maybe grammar.
now a days, people in my country are going to be more selfish.i dont know but this is what i think.dont you think so?
i see from news how our government not shame about being judged that he is corruptor!really im so dissapointed with my county :(
our government why cant open wide their eyes there are a lots of people out there still live underconvenience of their life.hey mr.goverment do you know what they eat?they just eat rice with salt!!this is so make me sad...not just me i guess!!indonesian people also sad!!not just about poverty..also abaout crime,and our government is not responsibilty to their people.are they dont know that they must responsibility to GOD!
long live INDONESIA!so..pray to GOD that hope our country always helped by GOD! :) amieeen


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